Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thank YOU- People along the way

This morning I made a phone call to my daughter's elementary school.  I wasn't sure what would happen, but had to try.

"Hello, I have kind of a strange question.  We adopted our daughter from foster care and have only one picture of her when she was little.  I wondered if there might be a class picture or something we could get a scan of."

While I don't have a picture (Yet, the extremely nice office lady is still investigating), I was blessed by the kind staff as she said "Oh yes, I remember her."


I didn't even know I'd ever adopt when my daughter was in the middle of the hardest things in her life.  I wish I could have been around to know her at those ages, to try to make her laugh, to help her feel safe.  But I wasn't in her life yet.

I am amazed and thank for the MANY people God brought into her life along the way; who she has such positive memories and experiences with.

So I just want to say Thank YOU.

THANK YOU to the office lady who remembered her :)  To the Teachers in the many schools she cycled through for little parts of a year as she came and went through various foster placements

THANK YOU to her 4 caseworkers and the DHS supervisor who walked her through all the changes in her life and all made time to come to her adoption ceremony!

THANK YOU to the many other DHS staff who work unto exhaustion to care for kids and their families

THANK YOU to the caseworker who matched us with her, even though she was out of our expected age range.  She saw a good match and we are so thankful!

THANK YOU to her Lawyer and his assistant who were the most stable part of her time in care.  Thank you for keeping the little gifts she brought on your shelf for years.  Thank you for answering her questions and being there with her on the hard legal days. 

THANK YOU to the 2 CASAs she had throughout her time in care.

THANK YOU to her awesome Doctor, who lets her ask all the questions in the world and has cared for her for years.

THANK YOU to Churches who offer Foster Parent Night out that provide a fun safe place.  She loves it so much that she still wants to go!

THANK YOU to Royal Family Kids camps and the churches that put them on.  She will often sing a song or hear a song and say she learned it at Royal Family Camp :)

THANK YOU to anyone who has ever bough a Christmas gift, pjs, school supplies, or anything else for a child in Foster Care.

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU to the other 8 parents who have cared for her.  Some, for years at a time.  We are so thankful that we still are in contact with many of her foster parents and for the sacrifice they made to love and care for her.

And because many of you probably won't ever hear about it, or know the outcome


Teachers, Neighbors, Concerned Citizens, Parents of Classmates, Youth Leaders, Camp Counselors, Generous Givers, Professionals who work with Children and many more.

You make a difference.  You help shape how children see the world.

Thank you for pouring your lives into helping children.  For some of them it fills a gap we wish never needed to be filled.  Thank you for being there when I wasn't.