Monday, February 16, 2015


Exodus 33:14 New International Version

The LORD replied, "My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."

Rest is a hard concept for me. If you ask those who are closest to me they would agree. I always feel like I have to keep moving, finish my ridiculously long list, or be productive in what I'm doing. Why read a book if it isn't helpful? Why spend time sitting down thinking or even going on a walk when my to do list is far from done?

I've always been someone who has tended to err on the side of doing, when what I really need is to BE.
To be with God.
Be present and responsive to those he gives me to love.
For me, to BE is part of how God is restoring me.

I've never really been someone who would think this way-- but I prayed about a word to put into practice this year. And what I got was REST.

Then, this weekend I got to attend #IFgathering a high-octane women's conference that was exactly what I needed. Here is the thing I don't need- a tea party or pink filled gathering encouraging me to just rest and get away for a few hours. What I needed is to rest in the presence of God and see how real He is and what he is doing around me. I needed to remember that the point on this huge rock spinning out in the middle of space is far above the dreams and ideas of how I would like my life to turn out. I remembered that God loves me just because I'm his daughter, and wants me to be near to him.

Rest isn't taking a break from the realities of life only to enter back in full of stress an hour later. Rest is to place my needs, wants, frustrations, schedule, and life into the hands of God who is capable to be my hiding place in the middle of whatever circumstance I am in. It starts with repentance. Telling God that He is right. I've doubted his goodness and power by trying to keep everything going on my own. Having a "reset" moment. He is God and I am not.

At the end of the weekend we were given rocks to write our takeaway and mark what God had shown us. I could have made a really nice checklist; But, thankfully, the rock wasn't big enough for my own issues to crowd out what God really had spoken.

"Write what God has done"

So here it goes. I started on Monday-- and not all of it is for everyone. But as this blog states in the title, my life is a restoration in progress. So I'm going to take a turn and expand the things I write about. Adoption is awesome (and almost finalized FYI!!!) and it shows God's restoration. My work showcases God's restoration all the time. God is in the business of working on restoring all the angles until we are molded into his image.