Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A BIG God for Big asks.

Right now we have a ton of updates, and they all literally happened in the last 24 hours. I'm reminded of how mighty God is in the middle of it all. We weren't looking to start this specific adoption process, we didn't have the money, didn't think we could handle the drama, and were too afraid of the uncertainty.

But God is at work despite our weakness. He is strong.

First off I'm amazed and excited to say that we are FULLY FUNDED!!!! Thank you Jesus and everyone who helped out. We were in awe of how many people who we'd not seen in years, never met, or who we knew really could't afford it chipped in to help. This means that we will be able to pay all the lawyers expected and not have to worry about how much they are working for us. We will keep the site open in case anyone else feels led to give towards travel expenses. We know that we will be going down to a court date, and past that we really don't know what it will cost us in the picking her up process.

When this adoption came up, Josh said something that has stuck with me. Before we started this our faith was too small to see and understand what God would do. We knew he wanted us to adopt, so we started on the track that seemed most logical and safe to us. We knew it would be uncomfortable to be in direct contact with birth parents, we knew that there was huge risk involved since the parent can always change their mind at the last minute, we knew we didn't have the money . When all of the sudden we were adopting through a private adoption with all of those exact issues at play I realized that God might just want to flex for us and build our faith in the process.

So with that said, here are some things that we ask you to pray for, because God can do more than we ask and imagine and so far he's directing us to adopt this little girl.

Please pray that we can 1) find out when and 2) be able to be at the court date. It will determine what the state does in the baby's case.

Please pray specifically for the judge that day and that their decision would be quick and in our favor.

Please pray for the foster home that the baby is in, that she is safe and taken care of. Pray for transition and that she'll be able to bond with us pretty quickly.

Please pray for the mom (who is in jail right now). We sent her a letter today. Pray that it is well recieved and that there will be no hiccups in the adoption because she is in jail.

Please pray that the remainder of our home study goes quickly and that we can find out who to send it to in the other state.

Please pray that we can find a lawyer in the other state that is willing to work with us because it is a little bit complicated and not something that happens a lot at this age of a child.

Please pray for our emotions through this whole thing. Its pretty crazy and it is easy to not want to hope because of the risks, and 5 minutes later feel like everything is already done and then go back to the uncertainty again.

Thank you all so much!


  1. Love seeing your faith through all of this! Praying for everyone involved. xo

  2. So wonderful how God is working in your lives! Such a beautiful thing that he is doing. Praying for you guys!