Friday, August 23, 2013

40 Days in and an update

Here's some stats on where we are:

Days since we got a call: 40

Lawyers involved: 5, with a 6th pending when we find the dad

Pages written for home study: 36

Age of child: about 12 weeks

Times we've met mom: 4

Homestudy completed!: 1!!!!!!(big deal in so short of time)

States involved: 2

Papers needing to be signed: A million (feels like)

Funds raised: 6000+ in 16 days!

Tickets to the court date: 2

Dogs rescued: 0 :( thats another story...

Our biggest need right now- PLEASE PRAY- is to 1) Find the father and 2) that he'll work with us.

I'm not a private investigator but I'm pretty good at Facebook-stalking. He must sign or the other state won't work with us. And he could be anywhere....


  1. Praying lots and lots! Love you!

  2. Holly please contact me immediatley. Jessica hawn is my sister. 541-290-5948