Monday, July 29, 2013

Update: Our unexpected adoption

Hello Everyone! Can I say that the last two weeks have been the craziest of my life? We were working on going through all of our homestudy with the State to adopt through foster care. In the process we found out that right now in our state there are only 40 kids waiting to be adopted and over 40 families just in our county ready to adopt. For a couple like us (younger than 30???) they estimated that it would take 3 years to adopt through foster care. Totally ok with me. We prayed about it. Started to adjust to the idea that it would take that long. Then two weeks ago I got a text, and a call from a friend of a friend whose baby was 6 weeks old at that point and wants her to be adopted. We met her, met with lawyers, called a million social workers and are now working to adopt her! Because there are two states involved (I'm being vague about all this on purpose, I'd love to say more in person)and the baby is currently in foster care but it would be a private adoption there are several things we need to do to make it happen. We are trying to get everything together so that we're ready to go by September. In the middle of this all I'm struck with how much of a Jesus thing adoption is. He adopted us at great cost to himself not because of anything we've done but because of his love. God throughout history has taken people out of crazy backgrounds and started a new transformed family tree. I really believe that he's at work not just in the life of this baby, but of the siblings, her mom and everyone around. I keep praying and seeing God answer and I have hope that this little girl will really be a part of our family though it can be rough in the meantime. Please pray: For us and paperwork. It is a lot. And we are already busy and filling in all the in between time with paperwork. For our funding. We were getting ready, but this came quickly and is a different process than what we had already started. Check out ttp:// if you would like to help! For our relationship with the birthmom. So far she is totally for us adopting, and we get along really well. Pray that if for any reason she would back out or something else would keep the adoption from going through that it would happen quickly. For us to be a good team. This is by far the most stressful thing we've ever been through. We're giving one another grace but we need rest and extended daylight hours to do everything!