Wednesday, June 12, 2013

She Found a Family!

Yesterday I was perusing the Oregon Heart Gallery ( and the little girl who was part of the catalyst for us to adopt now disappeared off the website! Hooray! That means that she found a family!

We had heard stories of kids disappearing off the website and how it feels if you've been wondering if they are yours and moving forward when they find their family. So I cried, but was happy. Here is how it started: We lived in "adoption limbo-land" for quite awhile. We have always wanted to adopt, but weren't in the process yet. We vaguely went to a few adoption events, did a little research into local adoption agencies. Thought and prayed about Domestic Infant Adoption vs International Adoption vs Foster Care Adoption. And we waited for a "perfect time." But there isn't such a thing.

  I had been following the Oregon Heart Gallery and one day I showed my husband. As we looked in the site we were drawn to one little girl who is 5, has been in foster care most of her life through several different homes. She has siblings who have already been adopted and was the last one left. His response to seeing her was, "I can't make her wait." Our timing could always be better, but kids still have birthdays, and lose teeth, and learn to read with or without their forever family. We can't make her wait. We prayed for her, that God will bring her the right family. We prayed for her on Christmas as we drove to see my family and wondered what she was doing. Wondered if she was having a good day. Talked about what it will be like to meet a kid for the first time who would eventually be part of your family, but isn't yet, and who has already been through so much in their short little lives. We knew not to get attached. We aren't even to the point of the process where we could possibly find out if we would be a good fit yet. We Started Classes. Finished Paperwork. And are waiting for it all to come back in a month or so.

And she found a family.
 I'm so glad she didn't have to wait.

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  1. I am glad she found her family too. I know God is working for your child to find you!