Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Adoption can be confusing.

We recently took a detour (and are now back to where we were before). It involved a text"do you want to adopt a baby in 12 weeks?," possible birthmom, talking to lawyers/private adoption agencies, deciding to go for it and then never actually getting to meet mom because she disappeared into thin air. The world is funny today, because somewhere out there is a lady with a facebook message from me that she may or may not have read saying that if she still wants her baby to be adopted we'd like to get on the list.

 Oh Facebook!  I had to pay a dollar to send it because we aren't friends.

Pray for the mom, and baby girl. I think she'll be born in the next two weeks and mom probably still has a lot of obstacles for their family. I can't believe that it was possible that we'd have a little girl in 2 weeks....

Things I'm thankful for in the process: God has it planned out, an He knows when, where, who, etc. I feel totally protected in this all falling through. For whatever reason it wouldn't have been a good thing for our family at this time, in this way. I'm thankful for friends who let me borrow their kids so that it doesn't seem like SUCH a crazy idea. I really can keep a kid alive and mostly content :) Thankful that my husband is so steady, excited and working so hard!

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