Saturday, February 2, 2013

Restoration of a Life

I've been thinking about how stepping towards adoption is less about what we want our family to look like and more like the restoration of a life. I've worked in schools and seen kids who are not cared for, and done all I can to cheer them on. But I'm not with them that night at home. I can't show them love that doesn't give up because the next term I had a whole new set of kids. I can't even make sure that their basic needs like food and shelter are adequate so that they can move on and be able to learn. I can't change all of their lives, but for one or two (or more) we can make a life-altering change in the course of someone's life. We are choosing to go the Foster-adoption route because our God is a God who restores things. He restores families that are broken. He restores people back into relationship with Him. He restores us at great cost to himself. I want to be part of restoring a life. Giving someone a chance who has had a rough start. Teaching the "normal" things that were perhaps forgotten. Giving them (eventually) a sense of security and a family that will keep being there for them no matter the circumstances. It isn't surprising that I like restoration- I'd rather yard sale all day to find an old treasure that just needs a little bit of love than go to the largest Mall in the world. I guess I see people like that too. They just need some love and someone to take care of them. So thats what I'm going to do.

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