Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gathering resources

I've found an amazing resource for anyone interested in adopting from foster care, or adoption in general. Its been incredibly encouraging and helpful for me to learn some of the things we may face in the process. If you want to understand me better or find out more about the foster-adopt process you can visit this website or listen to their tons of podcasts! I've listened to 40+ in the last two weeks. Each is about 10 minutes long and they follow a Christian family in California who adopted a sibling set from foster care. Topics include: attachment, court, love and logic and other parenting strategies, why adopt through foster care?, special needs adoption, and just their stories of how it is going along the way. They are incredibly personable and I love listening to the ways they work through things. If you only listen to one listen to episode 4! www.fosterpodcast.com

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  1. Is there an actual link to the place that has these sessions to listen to?