Friday, February 15, 2013

Foundations Training. Check!

We had a wonderful time last weekend going through the Foundations training at Boys and Girls Aid. Check them out at :) This is the training required for any foster or adoptive families in Oregon. We were able do all 20 hours over a weekend, rather than two nights a week for 9 weeks. SOOOOO glad we could finish it all at once! Some Highlights: - We both felt really encouraged that past experiences really prepared us to adopt through this route at this time. God really is bringing a lot of things together. - The class itself is something that I wish all parents had access to. We talked about child development, parenting tools, discipline, various special needs as well as how the normal growing up process is hindered when a child goes through any kind of trauma. - We had the best chineese food I've ever had in my life across the street from the agency :) - We loved having an extended date weekend with no other responsibilities and driving with each other back and forth while we talked about the different possibilities. -Josh's highlight was hearing a panel of parents who have adopted through the same method. It was encouraging to hear that all of our emotions are totally normal. They also were able to explain the steps and how long it took for them and told us of the disappointments and hard parts of the process as well as the great outcome once they were finally matched with the right kid. This weekend, Josh's brother is getting married (yay!) but as soon as that is over we're going to begin filling out paperwork(double yay!)

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