Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gathering resources

I've found an amazing resource for anyone interested in adopting from foster care, or adoption in general. Its been incredibly encouraging and helpful for me to learn some of the things we may face in the process. If you want to understand me better or find out more about the foster-adopt process you can visit this website or listen to their tons of podcasts! I've listened to 40+ in the last two weeks. Each is about 10 minutes long and they follow a Christian family in California who adopted a sibling set from foster care. Topics include: attachment, court, love and logic and other parenting strategies, why adopt through foster care?, special needs adoption, and just their stories of how it is going along the way. They are incredibly personable and I love listening to the ways they work through things. If you only listen to one listen to episode 4! www.fosterpodcast.com

Friday, February 15, 2013

Foundations Training. Check!

We had a wonderful time last weekend going through the Foundations training at Boys and Girls Aid. Check them out at www.boysandgirlsaid.org :) This is the training required for any foster or adoptive families in Oregon. We were able do all 20 hours over a weekend, rather than two nights a week for 9 weeks. SOOOOO glad we could finish it all at once! Some Highlights: - We both felt really encouraged that past experiences really prepared us to adopt through this route at this time. God really is bringing a lot of things together. - The class itself is something that I wish all parents had access to. We talked about child development, parenting tools, discipline, various special needs as well as how the normal growing up process is hindered when a child goes through any kind of trauma. - We had the best chineese food I've ever had in my life across the street from the agency :) - We loved having an extended date weekend with no other responsibilities and driving with each other back and forth while we talked about the different possibilities. -Josh's highlight was hearing a panel of parents who have adopted through the same method. It was encouraging to hear that all of our emotions are totally normal. They also were able to explain the steps and how long it took for them and told us of the disappointments and hard parts of the process as well as the great outcome once they were finally matched with the right kid. This weekend, Josh's brother is getting married (yay!) but as soon as that is over we're going to begin filling out paperwork(double yay!)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby step #2

Next weekend we are going to the official training to get this all started! It is a weekend packed with everything we need to know/consider/learn to be able to adopt in Oregon. Please pray: - That we're able to take in all the information -That I won't we overwhelmed with all the details and "what if's" and can trust God with the unknowns -For us to be able to make time for the piles of paperwork that are coming! -Financially- We're going to begin some fundraising to cover some of the costs of homestudy and paperwork fees. Its not much, but everything helps!

Restoration of a Life

I've been thinking about how stepping towards adoption is less about what we want our family to look like and more like the restoration of a life. I've worked in schools and seen kids who are not cared for, and done all I can to cheer them on. But I'm not with them that night at home. I can't show them love that doesn't give up because the next term I had a whole new set of kids. I can't even make sure that their basic needs like food and shelter are adequate so that they can move on and be able to learn. I can't change all of their lives, but for one or two (or more) we can make a life-altering change in the course of someone's life. We are choosing to go the Foster-adoption route because our God is a God who restores things. He restores families that are broken. He restores people back into relationship with Him. He restores us at great cost to himself. I want to be part of restoring a life. Giving someone a chance who has had a rough start. Teaching the "normal" things that were perhaps forgotten. Giving them (eventually) a sense of security and a family that will keep being there for them no matter the circumstances. It isn't surprising that I like restoration- I'd rather yard sale all day to find an old treasure that just needs a little bit of love than go to the largest Mall in the world. I guess I see people like that too. They just need some love and someone to take care of them. So thats what I'm going to do.